Sunday, November 29, 2009

Et tu, physiology?

Physiology is an intriguing science...not to say that it actually intrigues me, I'd much rather think that it all happens by magic than try to pound countless chemical pathways into my brain...but trying to teach it must be rather paradoxical. Every biological reaction is inextricably bound to numerous others. It's difficult to understand any one reaction until you consider all of the ripples that interact when it happens.

One of my struggles with vet school so far has been finding the right balance between seeing the big picture and paying enough attention to the details. I suppose this will be true in any part of life, really. Physiology has been a struggle for me because the general concepts make perfect sense, but I don't spend the time to nail down the details. First year is mostly about details. There is a lot of memorization involved, and it doesn't all make sense. Sometimes you just have to know the steps...*sigh*

I hate memorization. If I can't understand the "why" I have a hard time remembering the "what." I believe the "why" will come later, but first I have to slog through thousands of pages of facts and scientific words. Here goes nothing...hoping for that lightbulb moment when all these factoids will coalesce into one big concept.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bend Over, Finals Are Coming...

So I'm a first year vet student, and I've decided it might be fun/theraputic/cathartic to blog about the experience. Right now we're clinging to the last few days of Thanksgiving break and I've done little with it but study for finals...which is tough because the weather outside is GORGEOUS...and motivation is at an all time low after the past few months. But my grades are pretty borderline, and if I want to continue this madness I need to step it up.

For those naive to the experience, vet school is a lot like a cult. We wear strange clothes, speak our own language, and lose all contact with the outside world. It's masochism at its finest. How else would you explain voluntarily spending "vacation" time wearing latex gloves and probing at a formalin-fixed dog for hours on end? When people ask us why we want to be veterinarians, we really should answer, "Because I hate myself and I was spending WAY too much time with my loved ones, doing things that I enjoy." The real sick part is, not only did I ask for this, I competed for it. Good friends (who knew exactly what I was getting into) wrote recommendation letters. I have to imagine they were chuckling evilly as they thought of what was going to happen when I started school. Veterinarians are sick people.