Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hello, procrastination! Welcome back, you sure didn't stay away long. Finding motivation to study is one of the hardest things about being in school. I can see the need to learn this information, but it often seems like test preparation is a total crap shoot. For example, one of our quiz questions last week was about the major adverse effect of tilmicosin, which is most frequently encountered in my world as the antibiotic Mycotil. What the professor wanted us to get from the reading was the tilmicosin can cause death shortly after injection...mostly in species that it is NOT LABELED for use in, or if it's administered intravenously, which is also a method that's not advised on the label. It's true that this is an important thing to be aware of, especially if you accidentally stick yourself and inject the drug, but the other thing they have hammered into us all semester is to follow label directions and try to stick to drugs that have been tested and labeled for the species we're treating. I wouldn't consider something primarily associated with not following the label directions to be THE major adverse effect, but I guess I'd better get over it and start trying to guess what they're going to want us to pull out of our overworked brains on the final exam.