Monday, June 27, 2011

Coming Home

In my life, I have been fortunate to have accumulated a number of "homes." I often joke (not entirely jokingly) that my educational mortgage will leave me living in my truck by the time I graduate. It would be nice to own my own piece of land someday, but for now I have privileges on a number of very appealing sites.
My childhood involved several moves, but the last move I made while living with my mother was to the place where she is still living, so I consider this my original home base. It is remote, fairly secluded, and a constant work-in-progress. I don't know how my mom does it by herself. The location is appealing, but the amount of work that goes into keeping it liveable is intimidating. There is always some piece that is on the verge of falling apart. I will be headed there in about a week and I am excited to see my home country again. It is one place where nobody can find me unless I want them to, as there is no cell phone service.
My latest outpost at school is pretty much ideal for the situation. It's very close to school, with laid-back landlords and plenty of room for relaxing and pets. There are great running trails close by, friendly animals, friendly people, and everything I need for the low-frills life of a student.
My home for school breaks is really a dream. I escape back to a ranch I used to work for and stay with the owners, who have become an adopted family to me. My dog has room to wander and swim, my horse has the same, and I have a pool, two arenas, well-trained horses to ride, paying work when I want it, and the freedom to go play junior veterinarian when I please. I am madly in love with this place, and in spite of the fact that I know I have no claim on it, it feels as much like home as anywhere I have ever lived. I know every corner of this place. I've ridden it, driven it, walked it, ran it, hunted hogs on it, fought fire on it, and done my best to keep it looking great. It's like Disneyland for me. Time to go saddle a horse.