Friday, July 29, 2011

Oilfield Trash

The fact that I grew up in the oilfield probably explains a lot about the way I am today. To some people, it's a bad thing, but I'm proud to be from the patch. Oilfield companies get a bad rap for harming the environment, oilfield workers get a bad rap for being uneducated and crude. I am not what most would consider oilfield trash but I am more at home with these people than I will ever be at the vet school. Yes, they are crude. Most of them drink and swear a lot. Many barely made it through highschool. Some of them are lazy. Most of the hands have been on the wrong side of a set of jail bars at at least one point in their lives. On the other hand, the oil field contains some of the hardest-working, most loyal friends that I have. Education also has little to do with intelligence, and some of these guys who are barely literate are suprisingly perceptive. I've been working for my boss' company off and on for the past three years. Now I'm only there over school breaks, but most of the old hands know me and are always interested in how school is going. They are always willing to help me out, and smile and joke while doing it. Just like with any family, there are disputes, but I know most of the guys would have my back anytime. One of my favorite things about oilfield folks is best explained by telling you about the ride back from lunch today with the two people I've worked with the most lately, one is a black male and the other is a Hispanic female. (I'm a white female...we joke that we're the affirmative action division of the company.) We were using our smart phones to search for black jokes, Mexican jokes, and white jokes, and we were laughing our asses off at all of them. In today's hyper-sensitive world, it's nice to get out in the oil patch and be offensive for a while.