Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Final Finals, Part 2

Tuesday, D-Day #2, 0618—Have already been studying so long this morning I’m thinking it would be fun to theme a foal crop’s names based on random diseases…”Pelvic Pyelectasia” “Hydronephrosis” “Calcinosis Cutis” “Macrocantharynchus Hyarudinaceus” “Hydatid Cyst” “Lymphosarcoma” “Renal Adenocarcinoma”

0826—Just colored on my iPad screen with a Sharpie highlighter.  1 hour and 34 minutes until the ultimate radiology smackdown.  Fueled by a low carb Monster energy drink, smoked almonds, Skittles, and a cup of coffee.

1112—Find empty couch on 3rd floor of vet school and settle in to do reading/homework for my afternoon class. (“What?!” you ask, indignantly.  “Class AND homework DURING finals??”)  (“Yes,” I reply,  “because vet school blows.  And just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.  That’s what vet school is.  Just one ‘Worst Day of Your Life’ after another.  For four years.  And then you owe the government a lot of money.”)  It wasn’t done earlier because it was sent to us yesterday, and I kinda had a few other things come up. 

1532—Came home, dispensed veterinary advice, cleaned the grey kitten’s eyes again, fed my horse, watched the kittens hiss and spit at the dog while he looked puzzled and wagged his tail, collapsed into bed.

1755—Microwave pizza and Golden Girls reruns.  Only one more final, and it is of the “take-home” variety.

2245—Stupid rebound insomnia.

Wednesday, 0832—Finals hang-over.  It’s like a drinking binge, without the good times.  Staying close to the couch and taking all the OTC cold medicine I have in the house.

1230—Feeling mildly improved, time to go to class.  Pick up last final exam, spend two hours talking about horse penises, and two hours talking about cattle who have eaten things they shouldn’t.  Highlight of the day is walking between classes, come upon a technician pushing a cart down the hallway with a bloody garbage bag on it.  After exchanging greetings, he quips “I’m the only school employee who actually gets a head.”  (Yep, read it again, you’ll get there…)  Ah, veterinary humor.

2129—Finally done with exams, just have to remember/manage to turn it in by 10 AM tomorrow.

Thursday, 0858—Turned in exam, turned in time sheet for work, back at home to play with kittens and get dressed up for make-believe time (aka, communication training).

1800—Made it through communication play-time, got a few hours at work, arrived at home feeling like I had been drug through a knothole backwards.  My throat is revolting, and the rest of my body is threatening to join the overthrow.  Begin self-induced Nyquil coma.

Saturday, 2146--Finally able to stand up without vertigo.  One more day before 4th year clinics start.  Have yet to start on the giant to-do list I had hoped to knock out, and have backed out of all plans for fun with friends.  Ugh.  "It will all be worth it someday," right?

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