Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Extern-a-palooza 2012

Four more days until I get to shower in my own (well, my own rented) shower and sleep in my own (also rented) bed again.  I left home 3.5 weeks ago and have been on a wandering odyssey filled with horses, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary students, chiggers, baby racoons, a small hawk, a Mississippi Kite (the original Angry Bird), bucking horses (a different and vastly superior sort of equine), Mexican gangsters, clones, strippers, wanna-be bikers who think it's ok to hit on me, and assorted small mammals.  I have slept on eight different beds or bed-like surfaces during this time.  My truck is currently 500 miles overdue for an oil change and the state inspection expires in five days, though I believe there is technically an additional five day grace period after the actual expiration.  I am a nine-hour drive away from home and I will be making the return trip with 12 lbs of Miniature Australian Shepherd/hummingbird on crank mix dog.  I'm not sure anyone will survive, least of all, me.  Several articles of clothing have been lost to permanent green "recip mare on alfalfa diet" staining, and I am convinced that several gallons of panhandle dirt have worked their way deep into my pores and entered my bloodstream.  On the whole, it's been a fantastic road trip.